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Don’t hesitate to email me if you have any questions. I monitor my email 16/7 and will usually respond within 2-8 hours –

Paper #1 (8/26- 9/18): What Happened?

8/26 – First Day of Instruction. Read the welcome message (and take the Welcome Quiz — see the deadline below). This is the most important first step for this class. It gives you an overview of the course by answering frequently asked questions. Next, become familiar with the media we’ll be using: Log in to our Laulima discussion forum and your mailbox. Get my Twitter feeds via @jimkcc or view them on the right sidebar of this page. Carefully review the information in this class blog, especially this schedule and our syllabus (click the tab at the top of the page). In this schedule, make it a point to read the FD5/Final Exam instructions. In the syllabus, pay special attention to the grading policy and the SŌL (Success for Online Learners) orientation. See the deadline below for submitting the SŌL certificate for bonus points.

8/26 – Complete Laulima Discussion: Who Am I? [6 pts]

8/27 – Intro to paper #1. Read the Guidelines for Paper #1 by midnight. Midnight — 11:55 PM to be exact — is the official time for all due dates. For the due date for the first draft of this paper, see the schedule below for “Submit RD1 (Review Draft #1).”Don’t hesitate to email me if you have any questions –

8/27 – Complete the Welcome Quiz [10 pts]. In Laulima, click on “Tests & Quizzes” in the left sidebar. For our first paper, two short quizzes have been scheduled. Their purpose is to highlight information from assigned readings that will help you in our first paper and throughout this course. The quizzes are simple, and you can take them as often as you want (before the deadline) for the best possible scores. (See scores for Discussions and Quizzes). Quizzes cannot be made up. Once the deadline is past, the quiz is closed.

8/28 – Complete the readings for paper 1.

8/29 – Complete ENG100ReadingTest1 [10 pts]. In Laulima, click on “Tests & Quizzes” in the left sidebar.

8/30 – Optional: Submit the SŌL module completion certificate by midnight for a 10-point bonus. If you completed the module in a previous semester or class, email a copy of the certificate to me (

9/4  9/5- Laulima Discussion 1: Skwar, Wright, Burg. [7 pts]

9/5 – Complete review of Most Common Problems in Quoting and MLA. It’s a list of problems (with links to solutions) that are common to most RDs. Be sure to refer to this list for all your RDs and FDs.

9/6 – Laulima Discussion 2: MacWilliams, Sonik. [7 pts]

9/9 – Complete review of Ten Common Problems in Our First Draft.

9/10 – Complete set up of your personal blog for sharing all class papers. Click here for instructions. If you’re unable to set up your blog in time for our RD1 posting, send your RD1 to me ( in the body of your email message as a text-only file. Don’t send it as an attachment. I’ll post it in our group blog and send you the URL to share with classmates in Laulima.

9/11 – Complete review of Do’s and Don’ts for Our First RD Session.

9/12 – Submit RD1 (Review Draft #1) [50 pts]. Review the guidelines. Watch A Quick Tutorial on How to Create a Hotlink. See our late policy.  

9/16 – Submit three RD1 evaluations in Laulima [50 pts]. Review the guidelines and Three RD1 Evaluations: Tips for Success.

9/18-23 – Submit FD1 (Final Draft #1) [100 pts]. Review the guidelines.

Paper #2 (9/19 – 10/10): Letting Go

9/19 – Intro to paper #2. Read the Guidelines for Paper #2.

9/20 – Complete Readings for Paper #2.

9/23 – Complete Reading Quiz 100-2 [10 pts]. In Laulima, click on “Tests & Quizzes” in the left sidebar.

9/24 – Laulima Discussion 1: What Happened? [4 pts]

9/27 – Laulima Discussion 2: Poetic Language [3 pts]

10/2 – Laulima Discussion 3: Shared Experience [3 pts]

10/4 – Submit RD2 [50 pts]. Review the guidelines. See our late policy.

10/8 – Submit three RD2 Evaluations [50 pts]. Review the guidelines. Also read Tips on How to Excel at RD Evaluations.

10/10-14 – Submit FD2 [100 pts]. Review the guidelines.

Paper #3 (10/11 – 11/1): Controversy


10/11 – Intro to paper #3: The topic we’re investigating in this, our third paper, is controversy. You have a choice between two topics, UFOs or TMT. Select one of them for your paper. Read the Guidelines for Paper 3: The Alien UFO Controversy or the Guidelines for Paper 3: The TMT Controversy.

Alternate Topic: TMT Controversy. Photo courtesy of Hollyn Johnson, Hawaii Tribune-Herald, 16 July 2019.

10/14 – Complete readings/videos for Paper #3 (UFOs) OR  Paper #3 (TMT).

10/15 – Complete Reading Quiz 100-3 [10 pts]. In Laulima, click on “Tests & Quizzes” in the left sidebar.

10/16 – Laulima Discussion 1: Confirmation Bias? [4 pts]

10/18 – Laulima Discussion 2: Anecdotal Evidence? [3 pts]

10/23 – Laulima Discussion 3: Photo and Video Evidence? [3 pts]

10/28 – Submit RD3 [50 pts]. Review the guidelines. See our late policy.

10/30 – Submit three RD3 evaluation [50 pts]. Review the guidelines for evaluating RD3.

11/1-4 – Submit FD3 [100 pts]. Review the guidelines.

Paper #4 (11/4 – 11/25): Looking Back

11/4 – Review Guidelines for Paper #4

11/5 – Complete readings for paper #4.

11/6 – Complete Reading Quiz 100-4 [10 pts]. In Laulima, click on “Tests & Quizzes” in the left sidebar.

11/7 – Laulima Discussion #1: The Person I’m Interviewing [2 pts] (

11/8 – Laulima Discussion #2: A Few Key Quotes from My Interview [3 pts] (

11/12 – Laulima Discussion #3: My Two Published Sources [3 pts] (

11/14 – Laulima Discussion #4: What I Learned from My Interview [2 pts] (

11/18 – Submit RD4 [50 pts]. Review the guidelines. See our late policy.

11/20 – Submit three RD4 evaluations [50 pts]. Review the guidelines.

11/25-26 – Submit FD4 [100 pts]. Review the guidelines.

Paper #5/Final Exam (11/27): I Think

Douglas O’Brien, Le Penseur in the Jardin du Musée Rodin Paris 14 June 2015

11/27 – Submit FD5/Final exam [100 pts]. Read the Guidelines for FD5/Final Exam. The readings are available right now — click here. Access to the FD5/final exam guidelines will be opened at around midnight on the day before the final exam, and you’ll have until midnight on the day of the exam to submit it. This means that you’ll have roughly 24 hours to complete the exam. The exam must be taken on this one day only. If you cannot take it on this day, email me ( on the first day of instruction. For more information about the FD5/final exam, see #16 in the FAQs.

12/23 – Grades due by 4:30PM